Future of Cities: Bucharest 2013

This event will tackle the most pressing issues of Bucharest today, but will also challenge the participants to envision a coherent development strategy for medium and long term social and urban development. We will look at the social, anthropological elements that make a great city and the economic and policy conditions required for urban success and, in turn, for the success of an urban area. Feel and identity are as important as jobs. Transportation and public spaces are critical for work but also counterparts to culture and entertainment. This is the modern city.
In a way like antiquity’s city republics, that were worlds in themselves, the modern city is equally sovereign and an integral part of a network. The new urban networks cover metropolitan regions; they cross national borders and imply physical but also virtual infrastructures. Bucharest, true to its cosmopolitan roots is primed for this passage from a capital city into a regional hub. For that, business, politics, arts and its citizens end to engage at a new level of dialogue. As the conversation about the future of the city is global we bring into conversation voices involved in urban development in various parts of the world. Future of Cities is one such fundamental conversation we aim to have each September as part of Bucharest Days. Let’s make the first edition memorable together.

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