National Interest Dialogues III

"Dialogues on National Interest" entered its third part on January 18, discussing the report of the previous two events in 2012 and some other significant topics raised in the recent period. These events are a series of high profile meetings by a community of experts in the field of foreign and national policies that have approached Romanian strategic interest, in both its internal and external manifestations, in a comprehensive, out of the box, crosscutting debate pushing the boundaries beyond what is conventional. Difficult times require not only difficult measures but also a long term strategic vision that is to be constructed by all parties involved in the matter.
The January 18 meeting focused on key issues like:
- The security dimension as regards to: the future of NATO post-2014; the Syrian case; the strategic equilibrium in Europe and the new US Administration
- The European dimension: rethinking the format and role of the EU; the importance of a new European Treaty; EU as a global player; "Romania Gateway towards the Levant and the New Silk Road" and Romanian and EU neighborhood (Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine and the Balkans)
- The Economic Diplomacy dimension
- The Energy and Resources dimension: paradigms and the future of interconnectivity; the role of the EU; regional markets; financing for development.
The first debate brought together Romanian experts looking at Romania's ambitions, needs and possibilities. The second debate in the series brought international perspectives in the discussion, placing Romania in the current regional and international context.
Participants in these discussions included public and private sector experts and practitioners like Mr. Teodor Melescanu, Director of the Romanian Foreign Intelligence Service; Mr. Dan Dungaciu, Director of the Institute for Political Science and International Relations; Mr. Mihnea Constantinescu, Ambassador-at-large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs;  Mr. Mircea Geoana, President of Aspen Romania; Mr. Iulian Fota, Presidential Advisor; Alexandra G─âtej, CEO, Maldon & Wat; Mr. Vasile Iuga, Country Managing Partner, PWC; Laura Sitea,  Special Assistant, Executive Office of the Secretary General of the United Nations or Florin Pogonaru, Chairman, Central European Financial Services to name just a few.

Aspen Community

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