What is the Aspen Seminar?

What is the experience of a Seminar and what is its effect on professional and personal decision? What is the value and importance of such an experience for leaders in the business, civic or political environments?
Alexandrina Gatej
CEO, Maldon and Wat
"It is in 2005 that I attended the first Aspen Seminar which opened my eyes to Aristotle and I started thinking about what a "good society" should and can really mean for myself, my generation, my son and my country. I have since then attended four seminars  and have discovered a passion for philosophy and liberal thinking that is of great value for me as an individual. It is the kind of personal development that lifts and enriches the life of a person."

Mircea Geoana
President of the Aspen Institute Romania
Romanian Senator
"The experience is enlightening and transformative, leaving one positively shaken. In fact, it is the mix of tested method and the utmost relevance of participants from business or policy that makes it unique. Take it today!"

pogonaru-hover.pngFlorin Pogonaru
Vice President of Aspen Romania
President of the Romanian Businessmen's Association
"My ideas about the good society where challenged, refined and strengthened all through passionate debate. I finished the seminar more confident about the philosophical framework that underpins my decisions."

Cristian Lupsa
Decat o Revista
"The Aspen seminar was a rare opportunity to wrestle with the way in which I see the world, the way it works, and the way it could be made better. It was a safe space to question my beliefs, to understand the beliefs of others, to practice listening, to engage in empathy, and, ultimately, to share a profoundly human experience"
Leslie Hawke
"The experience was the first time in about 40 years that I have spent 5 continuous days focused on ideas. It was exhilarating -- and I found it surprisingly easy to ignore my quotidian responsibilities back at work for those days."

Ionut Simion
PwC Romania
The Seminar opened a door to a different perspective in life. It really gave me time to think about me, my beliefs vis-a-vis the "good society" values and principles and what I need to work on in order to become a better individual.

Ioana Avadani
Executive Director
Center for Independent Journalism
„A "bubble". A suspension (even if imaginary) of all problems that I thought as "mine", in order to reconnect with the real me. A privileged time when everything is provided to me just to think, debate and interact with like-minded people."

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