Policy Programs

Aspen Policy Programs seek to improve the quality of leadership and the formation of policy through evidence-based, multiple stakeholders’ dialogue on the challenges facing society.
Based on the Aspen Method which we profess and practice, we facilitate a transparent, responsible and non-partisan reflection process, between public decision-makers, private stakeholders and representatives of the non-governmental and academic sectors, about various aspects concerning key challenges of the Romanian society. The goal is to set up a platform helping our Program communities reach consensus on concrete policy recommendations in the areas pertaining to our Programs. The difference between Aspen Policy Programs and other initiatives is that we engage with public decision-makers from the start of the reflection process, engaging them in an informal and informed dialogue and fostering mutual ownership of our policy recommendations.
Aspen Policy Programs typically consist of a dedicated community of approximately 25 – 30 public, private and non-governmental leaders. Each Program is structured as follows:
– A Program Taskforce consisting of Program leading supporters and AIR experts and staff, which sets the direction of the Program and the topics for debate;
– Closed Doors and Public Workshops debating the topics of interest to the Program;
– A Leadership Module for the Program Community of public, private, non-governmental and academic stakeholders, focusing on contemporary leadership challenges as well as on the Program’s policy recommendations;
– A White Paper containing the policy recommendations reached by the proceedings of the Program and presented to the relevant decision-makers;
– A Public International Event presenting the Program outcomes and recommendations to a broader audience and to the general public.

We warmly encourage all interested parties to join our Policy Programs. We count on constant engagement of the wider AIR community, composed of members, fellows and alumni in contributing with their vast expertise to the success, depth and outreach of our Programs.
For more details regarding our Policy Programs please contact the AIR Policy Department at office@aspeninstitute.ro

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