The program aims to broaden the scope of the debate on health policy, support sustainable reform in the health sector and develop a program community involving the public and private sector as well as civil society and academia.

The Program is animated by Prof Dr. Alexandru Rafila (President of the Romanian Society for Microbiology and Member of the Executive Board of WHO). The 2017 – 2018 iteration of the program was launched on 20 September 2017 with a workshop organized at “Matei Bals” National Institute for Infectious Diseases. The public conference component of the Program, Aspen Healthcare Forum, took place on 23 – 24 October 2017, in the presence of high-level decision-makers, representatives of the business sector and civil society, medical researchers and academics. The conference, already at its 6th edition (previously known as Bucharest Healthcare Forum) focused on three main topics: improving access to medicines in Romania and the Central-Eastern Europe region, improving access to healthcare services and access to new technologies and an innovation-based health system.

By applying the Aspen method, the program aims to integrate and prioritize efforts coming from various stakeholders and generate policy recommendations assembled in a white paper with 10 recommendations to relevant decision-makers in view of improving the Romanian healthcare system and identifying priorities for the 2019 Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU.