Adrian Gheorghe

Adrian Gheorghe
Adrian currently works as a researcher in health economics at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University of London. Having trained originally as a pharmacist, he went on to study health economics at Master’s and Doctorate level at the University of Birmingham. The focus of his work so far has been the economic evaluation of medical technologies, whereby the value for money of new technologies, from drugs to public health programs, is estimated. In late 2013 he successfully defended his PhD thesis, where he proposed an innovative methodology to improve the generalisability across locations of economic evaluation studies. Adrian co-founded the Romanian Health Observatory in 2012, a health services research NGO aiming to stimulate positive change by producing and disseminating high quality research products on topics of relevance to the Romanian health system. He and his partners hope to see the Observatory growing into a clearly articulated health policy voice. Most people who meet Adrian get the impression that he is organised and always has a plan. He is and does, respectively, most of the times, but he’s also been making progress towards living the day. You may find him running, cycling, watching sci-fi or writing.

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