Andra Bizon

Andra Bizon
Her extensive knowledge was gained through more than 9 years of practice in the Banking and Finance field. She is currently working with Adrem Invest and previously she was a Senior Relationship Manager for the Corporate Division, in charge of Multinational customers as the interlocutor of
choice for the CFOs and Finance Directors of these companies for UniCredit Tiriac Bank. She has also worked with Eurohypo AG (part of Commerzbank AG) being one of two-people team running Eurohypo’s activities in Romania and with Raiffeisen Bank. She started her career in the banking sector as one of ten successful candidates to be admitted in prestigious “Raiffeisen Management Trainee” program, class of 2005. She has graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies, School of Accounting and hols a Master Degree in Financial Management and Capital Markets and a certificate from WIFI International, an organization that focuses to offer management courses. The person that she is today is first a result of the education she received, which inflicted her a strong system of values. The main concept her family taught her was that culture and learning were prerequisites of personal progress. Second, her passion for reading books has enlarged her views and refined her system of thinking. Third, she is the result of her experiences outside the country (studying in Germany and Austria) which has made her a more complex and more adaptable person. She is passionate about handmade jewelry, developing her own line of unique pieces (LeaMayJewelry) and contemporary dance.

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