Daniela Bodrug

Daniela Bodrug
After having completed with excellent results a practical activity at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova (External Relations Department), I started my professional activity as consultant on international relations at the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova. In 2007, I decided to begin my political career and I became one of the people involved in the foundation of the People's Action Movement (a pro European and pro NATO party). I'm entitled to meet people from different places of the country discussing with them about our ideas and the aims we want to realize, I'm responsible for organizing and participating at press conferences of the Movement, keeping relations with the diplomatic missions from Chisinau and, at present, I'm working at consolidating a youth team of our Movement. Besides this, at the moment, I'm founding a nongovernmental organization "European Values Without Borders". While having leisure time, I enjoy reading philosophical and political books. I adore playing the piano. I have a special passion for art photography. I dream to become a pilot. I'll be the firs pilot lady from Moldova. I do believe that I'll be a pilot, because flying symbolizes freedom for me. 

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