Katalin Barsony

Katalin Barsony
Katalin is a sociologist, film maker and managing director at the Budapest-based Roma NGO Romedia Foundation. With her mixed Roma-Jewish background, she has used her deep understanding of minority issues and her expertise in sociology to create the first-ever documentary series on Roma communities around the world to be broadcast on a mainstream television channel, Mundi Romani – the World through Roma Eyes. She has therefore produced more than 39 films shot in 28 countries using her unique position to introduce until now unheard minority viewpoints on mainstream television. Along with her work as Editor in Chief at Hungarian public television channel Duna Television, she is currently involved in the dissemination across Europe of her successful advocacy video on Romani women, “I’m a European Roma Woman Campaign” website. Deeply involved in the international Romani movement for 10 years, she has written about the development of the movement and the construction of a European Romani identity and is focused on using her extensive media work as a contribution to the positive subsistence of Romani identity and interethnic tolerance. When not working, Katalin enjoys reading, swimming and doing ashtanga yoga. She is also a founding member of the Hungarian E-Learning Association and volunteers for cultural management tasks in the framework of the Association’s programs.

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