Mihăiță Lupu

Mihăiță Lupu
Mihăiță’s interests and expertise encompass fields such as community development, rural and urban regeneration, the economics of heritage, civic participation and community mobilization, large scale behavior change campaigns, institutional capacity building and individual emancipation. He has been involved in starting and developing several NGOs, leading governmental national projects, being personal assistant on institutional assessment and human resources to the Minister and secretary of state within the Ministry of Health, while also being contracted for assisting large programs carried out by international entities such as the UNDP, or private companies like Ipsos and Otto/Eos Groups. With projects underway in various countries such as Romania, Nepal, Bangladesh and pipeline initiatives in Ethiopia and Uganda, he is interested in grasping and piloting innovative integrated, inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional development mechanisms that foster sustainable change within groups and communities. His academic interest regards the mobility and circulation of elites and also the dynamics and limits of change processes.

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