Olivia Ciobotaru

Olivia Ciobotaru
After spending seven years in the U.S. - for school and then work in the environmental and NGO world, I returned back home in 2007.  While in America, I became very interested in getting more involved with grass-roots activities and volunteering.  I brought back to Romania a lot of pragmatism, optimism, flexibility and love for nature - some of my friends and family still call me a tree hugger. I believe seeds are magical, always fascinated by the things they germinate - hence my brother and I are enthusiastically working on further growing the family business.  I love my work, which does not keep me at all from doing things outside my job, such as sports and traveling.
Traveling is one of my hobbies and I love discovering the world this way. Experiences vary from nearly getting deported from Ukraine, to spending time with forward-thinking leaders.  Recently, fell in love with discovering the world through a lens and greatly enjoyed taking classes on photography and esthetics.
I take great pleasure in reading - as a child, I would be happy when down with a cold, so I could spend all day in bed with a book.  Hooked to sports:  skiing, skating, mountain-biking, squash.

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