Zsolt Molnár

Zsolt Molnár
Born and raised in the western part of Romania, a region traditionally called Banat, Zsolt is proud to be a representative of his community in the Romanian Parliament. Also, having obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Public Relations in Târgu Mures and his Master’s degree in NGO in Cluj-Napoca, and currently living and working in Bucharest, he has gathered broad experience about Romanian society and the different ongoing social trends. His work as consultant for MEP Sógor Csaba has endowed him with a deep understanding of different political mechanisms ranging from local politics to the European Parliament, while his time as deputy in the Romanian Parliament has offered him the opportunity to put into practice forward thinking and value based ideas. He declares himself a keen supporter of the not-for-profit sector and has been involved with NGO projects since high-school on a variety of topics, and therefore considers his recent involvement with the Banat Community Association as a vital part of his work as MP. Working in politics in the last six years has convinced him that we must create a cooperative dialogue between different stake-holder groups and decision makers in order to put forward truly visionary ideas.

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