The seventh edition of the Aspen Institute Romania Leadership Awards and Gala Dinner is taking place in Bucharest, at the Palace of the Military Circle, on December 11, starting 19:00 hours.

This year, we will be celebrating eleven years of activity and the result of the effort and dedication of a visionary community. The AIR founders and team were tenacious enough to establish, build and carefully support through the years the embodiment of the Aspen Idea in Romania.

Already a treasured tradition, the Aspen Romania Gala represents the opportunity for the thriving and growing Aspen community to reunite and revisit its shared values and interests. A pleasant night among friends, a celebration of values-based leadership, innovation and excellence, the event aims to allow all of our guests a moment of reflection on what is the added value of our community.

The Aspen Gala offers Aspen Young Leaders and Aspen Fellows the opportunity to present their accomplishments in the past year and to reaffirm their ambition of producing a significant impact on societies across Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, through the Aspen Leadership Awards we acknowledge specific efforts and personal commitment to values-based, creative and transformative leadership of people that have had a significant contribution to the over-all advancement of society.

The Aspen Gala is an event dedicated to the Aspen community, and the proceeds of the event will go to an Aspen Leadership Trust to support our Leadership Initiatives and offer scholarships for our leadership programs. For the 2017 generation of Aspen Young Leaders, the Gala stands as an occasion to celebrate the end of an exceptional yearlong leadership journey and to formally welcome them in the extended Aspen community. We are keen on connecting present and former generations of Aspen Young Leaders, Aspen Seminar alumni, Aspen members and international partners, strongly believing that we are only strengthening a well-rounded web of change makers and society reformers, active in Romania and in the region.

The Values Based Leadership Award is presented to a public leader or national organization that has excelled in his field of activity, by constantly supporting and promoting national and universal values.

The Service with Dignity Leadership Award is presented to a Romanian public servant that has proven constant effort to exemplary fulfill work duties and go beyond those, as a role model for the community. By their impeccable professional and ethical standards those nominated for this award are seen as guardians of the Good Society, leaders among their peers, and as a source of pride and inspiration.

The Sports and Society Leadership Award is presented to an individual or a group who has transformed sports into more than a physical activity. The nominees for this award stand as a model of commitment, dedication and professionalism.

The Innovation and Technology Leadership Award is presented to a leader or an organization which brought significant contribution in the field of innovation and research, or the entrepreneurial environment. Innovation stands a cornerstone to social and economic progress.

The Arts and Society Leadership Award is presented to an individual or organization who has significantly contributed to the enrichment of Romanian culture, promoted Romania abroad and supported the overall development of the country’s cultural patrimony.

The Gala is a Black tie, table seating event, open only to members of the Aspen community.