The event celebrates 14 years of activity of the Aspen Institute Romania and represents a special occasion for the Members of the Institute and for the beneficiaries of the Aspen programs to come together virtually and reflect on the impact that the Aspen community has on the development of the region.

During these turbulent times, the Aspen Institute Romania managed to remain close to its mission of promoting values-based leadership. Throughout our entire activity we succeeded in fostering resilience in the face of challenges posed by the pandemic and to discuss lessons learned and possible solutions, providing concrete recommendations for recovery.

The Aspen Leadership Awards are an opportunity to bring recognition to individuals who left their mark on the Romanian and global society, who were innovators and examples of ethical and professional conduct, in fields such as public service, research and innovation, or arts.

Through the Aspen Leadership Awards 2020, Aspen Institute Romania would like to bring recognition to the activities and initiatives that the Aspen Fellows and Alumni put forward in creating social and civic change, through the Aspen Social Action Prize. The Aspen Fellows and Alumni (the former participants in the Aspen Leadership Programs) are the ones to make nominations and to determine, through their vote, the winning project of a 1000 EUR grant.

Some of the newest members of the Aspen community, the graduates of the Aspen Leadership Programs organized during the year 2020, will virtually join our event and share their thoughts on the experience of the respective programs.

We thank all the Members of the Institute, the Aspen Fellows and Alumni and our Partners and Sponsors for their constant support, dedication, and willingness to contribute to the Good Society.

We thank the Sponsors of the Aspen Leadership Awards 2020 for their devotion to the Aspen Idea:
Award Sponsors: UniCredit Bank, ExxonMobil, Ms. Cătălina Iuga and Mr. Vasile Iuga
Gold Leaf Sponsor: Merk Class
Silver Leaf Sponsors: Alliance Healthcare Romania, Orion, Rompetrol

The attendance to the online Aspen Leadership Awards 2020 is by invitation only and is open to the members of the Aspen community.