Custom Leadership Seminars

The custom leadership seminars are organized at the intersection between the Leadership Programs and the Public Policy Programs of the Aspen Institute Romania, being financed under the afore-mentioned policy programs.

Under the guidance of the moderators, each seminar would challenge approximately 25 members of the Public Policy Programs’ communities (including public decision-makers) to think more critically and deeply about the good society and to have an informal, constructive debate on topics of relevance to the respective programs.

In the 2nd part of the year 2019, Aspen Institute Romania developed two custom leadership seminars dedicated to the communities of the following two policy programs:

  • Economic Opportunities and Financing the Economy Program

The 1st edition of the seminar was organized on September 19-22, 2019 in Fundățica (Brașov county), in partnership with The Aspen Institute US – Executive Leadership Seminars.

Relying upon the classic Aspen Method of moderated, Socratic dialogue, the themes of the seminar included the relationship between economics, politics, and the common good, the ethical dimensions of market-based economies, the roles of government and of individual initiative, and the texture of human relationships in a changing economy.

The seminar was moderated by David Blázquez, Chief of Staff to Madrid’s Region Minister for the Economy and Labor.

  • Healthcare and Quality of Life Program

On October 11-13, 2019, Aspen Institute Romania organized a Custom Socrates Leadership Seminar, partially underwritten by the Simona and Adrian Bot family, in collaboration with Aspen Institute – Socrates Program, under the auspices of Aspen Institute Romania Healthcare & Quality of Life Program.

Having as its main theme ”Technology, Breakthrough Medical Research and the Future of Healthcare”, the seminar explored the ways in which public health policies expand and evolve in transforming democratic societies.

The seminar was co-moderated by Adrian Bot, M.D., Ph.D, Vice President, Translational Medicine; Dr. Kapil Parakh, Medical Lead, Google Fit; Simona Bot, Vice President, Community Outreach, Blue Heron Foundation and Prof. Alexandru Rafila, Aspen Institute Romania Healthcare & Quality of Life Program Director.

More details regarding the seminar organized in October 2019 are available here.

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