Ioana Săndescu is active in the area of protecting human rights and human dignity, with a focus on preventing and combating human trafficking. Since 2013, she has been a part of eLiberare, an NGO focusing on creating a social movement against modern slavery and sexual exploitation. Besides leading and shaping the prevention activities, Ioana has worked directly with survivors in a country of destination, which convinced her of the need to tackle the issue at a macro level, as well.

With a clear focus on public policy, Ioana has advocated for the rights of victims, better legislative framework in protection and prosecution, and creating political will behind the subject. The understanding that systemic problems need systemic change made her look into reintegration options for returning survivors in the area of social manufacturing businesses and through creating bridges between this need and the public sector.

Her passion for social justice and empowerment for the vulnerable is what drives her actions, and, on a good day, she’s fueled by organic veggies, chocolate, and time with her favorite folks (be it two/four-legged).