Bucharest Forum is an annual high-level event organized by the Aspen Institute Romania and the German Marshall Fund of the US, Bucharest office, in partnership with the Government of Romania. Launched in 2012, the mission of the Bucharest Forum is to create a multi-regional platform for innovative, forward-looking thinking on economic and security policies, and for promoting an action-oriented dialogue between governments, private sector and civil society.

The magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis has surpassed the consequences of previous financial and/or geo-political shocks. The pandemic has produced important mutations on how our politics, economies, and societies function, while its effects are long-lasting. The power to adapt to the new realities, and to mitigate the effects of this and future crises, relies not only on the imagination, vision and strength of our leaders and elites, but also on the RESILIENCE of our economies, polities and societies. To address the new challenges, this year’s edition of the Forum will assemble a worldwide group of leaders from governments, business and academia, allowing for a substantive discussion on understanding the transformations in the post-COVID-19 world, and seeking options to enhance the resilience of trans-Atlantic, European, regional and national systems to major crises.