Public Programs

The Aspen Public Programs and Events continue to be a main feature of the Aspen identity, mission and revenue generation. Thus, the public conferences and events provide a commons for people to share ideas; analyze potential or existing clashes, their implications and results, and look for ways to maximize the potential benefits of diverging views, to which there are added a set of matching publications follow as well. Designed to address key issues of the day the set of Public Programs builds upon and dovetails in the activities under the Aspen Romania Policy programs but also represents a bridge that connects the local programs and activities to a larger & international scale (ex: Aspen Initiative for Europe Network).

Its endeavors includes a variety of different activities some truly public and open to large audiences while others are more specialized and destined for smaller audiences. From open round-tables and conferences to Aspen Romania speaker series and book launches the public may find events that not only offer a glimpse into the complex policy activity of the Institute and its members but also allow for a wider promotion of its values based activity in the search of the philosophical “good society”.

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