The Aspen Institute Romania’s mission is to foster value-based leadership, encouraging individuals to reflect and act in accordance with the ideals and ideas that define a good society. Using the Aspen Method, we provide a neutral, balanced, multi-stakeholders venue for discussing and acting on critical issues confronting our society.

Founded in 2006, Aspen Institute Romania is part of the international network of like-minded Aspen Institutes around the world. Our Leadership, Policy and Public Programs and events are unparalleled in our part of Europe. The network of Fellows and Alumni of our Leadership programs comprises hundreds of participants from 28 different nations, all group ages and walks of life.

Our Policy programs offer policy solutions to areas from foreign policy and regional security to energy, healthcare, economy, finance, good governance or sports and culture.

The Aspen public events and conferences are the prime international venues in Romania and the broader region, such as our flagship Bucharest Forum, the Aspen Healthcare Forum, the Aspen Atlantic – Black Sea Security Forum, the Energy Summit, the Governance Innovation Forum or the Danube – Black Sea Economic Opportunities Forum.

The Aspen Institute Romania is also invested in the conversation about the future of the European Union, through the Europe NEXT project, in partnership with the Aspen Initiative for Europe, comprising the 7 Aspen Institutes in Europe.

The rest of the international network of Aspen Institutes is comprised by the Aspen Institute US, Aspen Italia, Aspen France, Aspen Germany, Aspen Spain, Aspen Central Europe, Aspen Kyiv, Aspen Japan, Aspen India, Aspen Mexico and Aspen New Zealand.