Founded in 2006, Aspen Institute Romania is part of the international network of like-minded Aspen Institutes around the world. Aspen Institute Romania’s work is structured for more than 17 years on three main pillars of activities: Leadership, Policy and Public Programs and events. These varied Aspen programs are unparalleled in Romania and the neighbouring region, supporting the Institute’s mission to foster values-based leadership.

The Aspen Leadership Programs aim to provide a better understanding of values-based leadership to public, private and civil society leaders, increasing their ability to identify and manage challenges, taking a commiting to promote the values of “the Good Society” through the way they lead in the future. The AIR network of Leadership Programs Fellows and Alumni comprises over a thousand extraordinary individuals from more than 40 different nations, all group ages and walks of life.

The Aspen Public Policy Programs offer policy solutions to areas from foreign policy and regional security to energy, healthcare, economy, finance, good governance or sports and culture. The Public Policy Programs seek to improve the formation of policy through transparent, non-partisan, evidence based, multiple stakeholders’ dialogue, offering public decision makers, private stakeholders, and representatives of the non-governmental and academic sectors an exceptional platform for reflection, aiming to reach consensus on concrete policy recommendations in Romania’s most relevant policy fields.

The Aspen Public Programs and Events are the prime international venues in Romania and the broader region, such as the flagship Bucharest Forum or the Aspen Atlantic – Black Sea Security Forum, Aspen Energy Summit and Aspen Healthcare Forum. These events serve as a public platform for addressing key contemporary issues, in synergy with the work realized through the Public Policy Programs. Moreover, the set of Aspen Public Programs and Events also represent a bridge between the Aspen Institute Romania and the wider international Aspen community which is constantly engaged in our activities.

The wide international network of Aspen Institutes is comprised by the Aspen Institute US, Aspen Italia, Aspen France, Aspen Germany, Aspen Spain, Aspen Central Europe, Aspen Kyiv, Aspen UK, Aspen Japan, Aspen India, Aspen Mexico, Aspen New Zealand, Aspen Institute Africa Initiative and Aspen Colombia.