It gives us great pleasure to invite you to attend the 2019 edition of the Aspen Seminar for Leaders, organized by the Aspen Institute Romania in collaboration with the Aspen Institute US, on November 7 – 10, at a special location in a mountainous area in Romania.

The Seminar will be moderated by Dr. Todd Breyfogle, Managing Director of Executive Leadership Seminars for the Aspen Institute US.

The Seminar is fee based and special discounts are available for the representatives of the AIR members (15% – 25%, depending on the membership category) and for the non-profit sector (50% discount). 1-2 scholarships for the representatives of the public sector are available, depending on the budget of the program.

Inspired by one of the Aspen Institute’s oldest and most beloved programs, the Seminar starts where traditional leadership programs leave off, bringing together leaders from a variety of fields, backgrounds, and cultures to learn from each other and from some of the greatest thinkers of all time.

Our proven method of text-based dialogue offers participants a neutral forum in which to reflect on timeless human values, pursue common ground, and cultivate a richer understanding of the human condition. Participants emerge from the Aspen Seminar personally renewed, professionally re-focused, and better prepared to lead as they confront the difficult choices of our ever-changing world.

Join a significant network of almost 250 Aspen Seminar Alumni and the extended Aspen Institute Romania community of over 500 people already covering over 35 countries!

For details about the Aspen Seminar method and the Aspen Alumni community, please click here.

For more information about the Aspen Seminar, please contact Ms. Ioana Antonescu, Leadership Programs Coordinator, at or Mr. Mihai Cucu-Dumitrescu, Leadership Programs Officer, at