Already a treasured tradition, the Aspen Leadership Awards and Gala Dinner represent the opportunity for the thriving and growing Aspen community to reunite and revisit its shared values and interests.

A pleasant night among friends, a celebration of values-based leadership, innovation and excellence, the event represents each year a special occasion for the Members of the Aspen Institute Romania, partners and beneficiaries of the Aspen programs to come together and to reflect on the impact that the Aspen community has on the development of the region.

The event is an opportunity to bring recognition to individuals who left their mark on the Romanian and global society, who were innovators and examples of ethical and professional conduct, in fields such as public service, technology, research and innovation, sports or arts.

Through the Aspen Leadership Awards, Aspen Institute Romania also brings recognition to the activities and initiatives of the incredible community of Aspen Fellows and Alumni, through the Aspen Social Action Prize and the Aspen Fellows Network Grant.

One of the most treasured moments of the Aspen Leadership Awards and Gala is the Diploma Ceremony of the current generation of Aspen Young Leaders Program, when we officially welcome the newest Aspen Fellows to the Aspen community.