Past Events




16 Iulie
Workshop „Soluţii pentru dezvoltare – promovarea incluziunii financiare”

Institutul Aspen România a organizat workshop-ul „Soluţii pentru dezvoltare – promovarea incluziunii financiare”, în data de 16 iulie 2019, la sediul Ministerului Dezvoltării Regionale și Administrației Publice. Evenimentul s-a desfăşurat sub egida programului de politici publice „Aspen Economic Opportunities and Financing the Economy” şi a reunit aproximativ 30 de decidenți de nivel înalt, reprezentanţi ai […]

11 Iulie
Leading Across Cultures

On July 11-12 and July 12-13, 2019, at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, Aspen Institute Romania brought for the first time to the Romanian participants the leadership training course “Leading across cultures”, offered in two 1 day and a half sessions for two different groups of leaders from the public sector, diplomacy, foreign affairs, communication, business. […]

13 Iunie
Governance Innovation Forum

The forum aims to create a platform of expertise, good practice, and ideas in order to find innovative solutions for better governance and policy making in Romania. Government officials, business associations and leaders, technology enthusiasts and NGOs will have the chance to debate, engage and propose solutions to drive governance efficiency. Context After joining the […]

13 Iunie
Exploring synergies to enhance the role of digital health in strengthening health systems and increasing access to quality care in Europe

The conference is a high-level platform to discuss opportunities for accessing E-health and digital technologies in healthcare in Romania and the region, looking at areas where decision-makers, experts and patients seek improvements and debating realistic opportunities for progress in the near future. The conference will explore means of empowering populations and enabling the health workforce […]

11 Iunie
The Europe NEXT Project – A New Political Ambition for Europe

The Aspen Institute Romania, on behalf of the Aspen Initiative for Europe (AIfE), together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and the German Marshall Fund of the United States, Bucharest Office, organized the conference The Europe NEXT Project. A new political ambition for Europe. The event was held in Bucharest on the 11th […]

06 Iunie
Activi prin Sport: o şansă de nerefuzat copiilor României

Institutul Aspen România şi Universitatea Națională de Educație Fizică și Sport au plăcerea de a vă invita la workshop-ul Activi prin Sport: o şansă de nerefuzat copiilor României. Workshop-ul va avea loc joi, 6 iunie, în intervalul orar 14:00 – 17:00, la sediul Universităţii Naționale de Educație Fizică și Sport (Strada Constantin Noica nr. 140, […]

29 Mai
Team Romania

Institutul Aspen România și Biroul din București al German Marshall Fund of the US organizează o nouă dezbatare sub egida Team Romania pe data de 29 mai, între orele 14.00- 17:00. Organizată imediat după alegerile pentru Parlamentul European, întâlnirea Team Romania se va axa pe oportunitățile României de susținere și promovare a proiectelor de interes […]

29 Mai
The Role and Status of Women in Modern Society – Between Empowerment, Leadership and Gender Discrimination

The conference was designed to contribute to advancing the European agenda on gender equality, having its overall objective in keeping gender equality steadily on radar and making it a significant milestone in our future actions. There cannot be any discussion on social well-being for citizens without including the economic empowerment of women, without promoting women […]

21 Mai
The First 1000 Days – Early Childhood Education and Professionals of the Future

This year’s conference approached the theme of Early Childhood Education and Professionals of the Future and took the opportunity provided by the Presidency of Romania to the Council of the European Union to broaden the dialogue on this topic at the European Union level. The conference took place in the context of research on brain […]

14 Mai
30 Years on: Lessons from the Past, Challenges of the Present, Inspiration for the Future

The event aimed at highlighting the celebration of 30 years since the fall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe and provided an opportunity to discuss the lessons learned from the transition processes in the countries of this region and to identify ways in which similar energies can be used to further a European and […]

19 Aprilie
Workshop “Promoting Financial Education – Benefits, Recommendations and Best Practices”

The workshop on April 19th was the first event organized in the 2019 edition of the program and brought together relevant stakeholders in the field of financial education.

01 Aprilie
Future Energy Systems: Sustainable and smart gas infrastructure, supported by hydrogen and other renewable gases

The Conference was part of Aspen Institute Romania’s Energy and Sustainability Program, which represents a dedicated platform for open policy dialogue and a neutral forum focused on key energy topics and on ways of promoting environmental sustainability in a technological world.

25 Martie
Launch of the Romania Communicates Initiative

Organized in the context of the Aspen Technology & Society Program, the event gathered key public decision-makers, private stakeholders and representatives of the non-governmental and academic sectors.

21 Martie
Atlantic – Black Sea Security Forum 2019

Atlantic – Black Sea Security Forum 2019, a high level international event, part of the Aspen National Security & Defense program, to be held on March 20-21, in Bucharest.

04 Decembrie
The Europe NEXT Project – Cores and Peripheries in Europe?

The first conference of a new Program, organized under the auspices of the Aspen Initiative for Europe, the network of the Aspen Institutes in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Central Europe, Romania, Spain, and Ukraine).

28 Noiembrie
Aspen Energy Summit 2018

The Aspen Energy Summit was created to explore strategic issues at the intersection of energy, economy, geopolitics and security.

27 Noiembrie
Capitalul uman românesc în era declinului demografic, migrației și revoluției tehnologice

Conferinţa este organizată sub egida comună a Team Romania şi a programului de politici publice Aspen Future of Work.

26 Noiembrie
Launch of the White Paper: “Romanian Priorities and the Presidency of the Council of the EU”

Aspen Institute Romania (AIR) launched the White Paper “Romanian Priorities and the Presidency of the Council of the EU”. The event was organized with support of the European Commission Representation in Romania.

23 Noiembrie
Aspen Leadership Awards and Gala Dinner 2018

Aspen Institute Romania is celebrating its 12th anniversary, marking more than a decade in our common quest for a “Good Society”.

23 Octombrie
Aspen Healthcare Forum 2018

Aspen Healthcare Forum is a major public event of AIR's Healthcare & Quality of Life program.

18 Octombrie
Aspen Dialogue on Technology&Society

The Dialogue is taking place under the aegis of Aspen’s Technology & Society Program.

08 Octombrie
Bucharest Forum 2018

The seventh edition of the Bucharest Forum takes place between 8 – 10 October, 2018, at critical times for the region and Europe.

28 Septembrie
Constanta Danube – Black Sea Economic Opportunities Forum

A conference designed to unlock the important economic potential Constanta has as a gateway from and towards the EU.

25 Septembrie
Generation Next – Europe’s Futures Conference

The Conference is the first event of the Future of Europe Task Force meetings, which are to be held in Austria and Romania during their respective Presidency of the Council of the EU.

12 Septembrie
Good Governance Forum 2018

The event is designed to allow leaders from different countries to share experiences and ideas related to anti-corruption strategies, policy development and implementation, as well as the search for solutions to common problems.

07 Septembrie
Workshop “Identifying Financing Solutions”

Aspen Institute Romania organized, in partnership with the Romanian Government, a workshop on Identifying Financing Solutions for Three Strategic Priorities of Romania: Healthcare, Infrastructure & Energy.

19 Iunie
Soluţii pentru o Romȃnie Sănătoasă și Sportivă

Workshop-ul se desfăşoară sub egida programului Joacă pentru Viaţă, dezvoltat de Institutul Aspen România în parteneriat cu COSR, LPF şi ISR.

05 Iunie
Atlantic – Black Sea Security Forum 2018

The Aspen Institute Romania in partnership with NATO's Public Diplomacy Division for its 5th collaboration, together with the Bucharest office of the German Marshall Fund of the United States are organizing the Atlantic – Black Sea Security Forum 2018.

23 Mai
Workshop “Identifying Responsible Financing Solutions & Promoting Financial Education”

On 23 May 2018, Aspen Institute Romania organised the workshop "Identifying Responsible Financing Solutions & Promoting Financial Education".

24 Aprilie
The Next Frontier? Aspen Dialogues & Immersive Experiences

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality let us experience a world that is completely different from the one we live in.

24 Octombrie
Aspen Healthcare Forum 2017

Healthcare as an investment, from cost to social efficiency.

04 Octombrie
Bucharest Forum 2017

The sixth edition of the Bucharest Forum takes place between 4-6 October, 2017, at critical times for the region and Europe.

27 Septembrie
Aspen Energy Summit 2017

Editie aniversara: 160 de ani de la infiintarea in Ploiesti a primei rafinarii moderne din lume.

09 Iunie
NATO PDD – Aspen Institute Romania Joint Conference 2017

This high level international conference is the fourth event co-organized by the Aspen Institute Romania in collaboration with NATO on topics of allied security.

23 Mai
Launch Conference of the Aspen Future of Work Program

Aspen Future of Work Program intends to create a non-partisan platform and a community dedicated to emerging leaders from a variety of backgrounds interested in subjects covering the Future of Work.

16 Decembrie
Aspen Life Lab Launch conference

Aspen Institute Romania is organising the Aspen Life Lab Launch conference on 16 December 2016 at the Palace of the Parliament.

05 Octombrie
Bucharest Forum 2016

For this year’s edition of the Forum the organizers suggest three main themes: the West’s strategic stability, resilience and opportunity, and three overlapping territorial angles: European, regional and transatlantic.

29 Septembrie
Bucharest Forum / Healthcare 2016

Aspen Institute Romania (AIR) is organizing Bucharest Forum / Healthcare on 29 September.

23 Septembrie
NATO PDD – Aspen Institute Romania Joint Conference 2016

This high level international conference is the third event co-organized by the Aspen Institute Romania in collaboration with NATO on topics of allied security.

09 Iunie
Aspen Ideas, Sibiu

Between June 9 and June 11, Aspen Institute Romania organizes in Sibiu the first edition of Aspen Ideas, in partnership with the Sibiu International Theater Festival.

06 Mai
EUROSFAT 2016 – The potential of the TTIP

Aspen Institute Romania and Europuls are organizing the debate "The potential of the TTIP: Impact on the Romanian economy and harmonization standards".

30 Martie
Bucharest Forum / Keystone Projects 2016

Bucharest Forum / Keystone Projects is part of the series of events organized by the Aspen Institute Romania, as the Institute celebrates 10 years of activity.

08 Decembrie
Regional Energy Policy Cooperation in South-East Europe

AIR in cooperation with CEPS-Brussels and the Energy Policy Group organise the roundtable “Regional Energy Policy Cooperation in South-East Europe”.

02 Decembrie
Creative Cities Debates

Aspen Institute Romania (AIR) in cooperation with the Center of Excellence in Planning (CEP) organized the debate “Creative Cities” as a component of AIR’s Future of Cities programme.

15 Octombrie
Bucharest Forum 2015

Bucharest Forum 2015 takes place between 15-16 October at critical times for the region and Europe.

14 Septembrie
A Conversation with Violinist David Grimal

Aspen Institute Romania opens the 2015 Festival of Ideas with a special event focusing on music, culture and identity together with guest speaker Mr. David Grimal, world renowned violonist.

09 Septembrie
A Conversation with Pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja

Fifty years after winning the Enescu Music Contest in Bucharest in 1964 - the event that in many ways propelled her on the major music scene - Elisabeth Leonskaja returns to Bucharest with ever constant generosity and emotion.

25 Iunie
Bucharest Forum / Energy 2015

Bucharest Forum Energy, organized by the Aspen Institute Romania and its partners, offers an annual, high level convening platform for private and public stakeholders in the Energy Sector in the Black Sea Region.

29 Mai

Europuls Association and Aspen Institute Romania are organizing the debate “Romania between benefits and restrictions in the TTIP framework” in the third edition of Eurosfat forum.

18 Aprilie
Can Romania Maximize its Potential in a Convoluted Geopolitical Landscape?

The debate will tackle the geopolitical landscape one year after the start of the armed conflict in Ukraine.

27 Martie
Bucharest Forum / Healthcare 2015

Bucharest Forum / Healthcare is the fourth healthcare sector specific conversation in the framework of Bucharest Forum.

16 Martie
The Crisis in Ukraine: Implications for Romania

The conversation is catalyzed by the paper "Integrating Ukraine in the Regional and Global Value Chains of Tomorrow".

20 Februarie
Europe’s Frontier – Bugeac

Following a journalistic investigation by Ovidiu Nahoi and his team in a complex region between Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, this debate will focus on challenges this region faces in terms of identity, economy and security.

30 Octombrie
Romania Trade & Export Finance Conference

Aspen Romania is partnering with GTR (Global Trade Review), the leading trade, commodity and export finance media company, in organizing the inaugural Romania Trade & Export Finance Conference in Bucharest.

02 Octombrie
Bucharest Forum 2014

At its third edition this year, the Bucharest Forum is becoming the largest and most important policy gathering dedicated to the Eurasian link at the Black Sea.

09 Septembrie
Towards a Gold Standard in Governance

The conference was organized on the occasion of 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of totalitarian regimes in Central and Eastern Europe in 1989.

04 Iunie
Bucharest Forum / Energy 2014

Bucharest Forum / Energy 2014 brought together key officials, business leaders and influential energy experts from more than 15 countries for a timely debate on energy and security related issues.

27 Mai
Romania Gateway Unit Launch

We are honored to organize the official launch of the Romania Gateway Strategic Project: Boosting Competitiveness, Sustaining Growth that will take place Tuesday, May 27th 2014 at the Romanian Government.

14 Mai
Black Sea Maritime Cluster Launch

In collaboration with the Romanian Government, the Aspen Institute Romania was honored to organize the launch of the Black Sea Maritime Cluster on May 14 in Constanta.

07 Aprilie

We are honored to organize a panel within the Eurosfat event, on April 7 from 14:00 called "Escaping Europe’s periphery. Balancing domestic growth and trade".

04 Aprilie
Bucharest Forum / Healthcare 2014

The event is the third healthcare sector specific conversation in the framework of Bucharest Forum.

01 Noiembrie
Bucharest Forum / Healthcare 2013_2

Bucharest Forum/ Healthcare 2 provided the opportunity to enhance the results of implemented or intended reforms through organizing a meaningful debate.

27 Septembrie
A Conversation on Education, Identity and Gender

The fourth Conversation in the 2013 Festival of Ideas focused on three very important elements of a modern society: education, identity and gender.

26 Septembrie
Bucharest Forum 2013

Bucharest Forum represents a major cross-regional platform for economic, strategic and social dialogue for decision makers in the region between the Adriatic, the Black Sea and the Caspian.

17 Septembrie
A Conversation with Gigi Caciuleanu

The third event of the 2013 Festival of Ideas was a Conversation with Gigi Caciuleanu, world famous choreographer, professor and contemporary dance innovator.

12 Septembrie
A Conversation with Ioan Holender

The second event of the 2013 Festival of Ideas was a Conversation with Ioan Holender, artistic director of the "George Enescu Music Festival" on cultural management, identity and the transformative power of music.

07 Septembrie
A Conversation with Lawrence Foster

Aspen Institute Romania opened the 2013 Festival of Ideas with a special event focusing on music, culture and identity on Saturday, September 7.

23 Mai
Bucharest Forum / Energy 2013

Bucharest Forum / Energy took place over two days and was a mix of conference and round table format conversations.

15 Februarie
Bucharest Forum / Healthcare 2013_1

The Aspen Institute Romania, Adevarul Holding and Link Resource are organizing a high level symposium on policies and best practices in healthcare regulatory issues.

08 Noiembrie
Bucharest Forum 2012

Bucharest Forum 2012 edition gathered over 400 foreign investors, representatives of the Romanian business sector, large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and high-ranking officials.

14 Mai
Aspen Romania Debates at the Education Forum 2011

The Aspen Institute Romania organizied on May 14 2011, a series of debates on the educational and development opportunities as well as civic and community change making ideas.

02 Iunie
Cyber Defense in the Context of the New NATO Strategic Concept

AIR in partnership with NATO PDD organized the international conference: "Cyber Defense in the Context of the New NATO Strategic Concept".

07 Iulie
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources of Energy Round Table

The round table on "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources of Energy", organized by the Aspen Institute Romania at the Romanian Parliament, aimed to identify the best options and measures to increase energy security.

09 Aprilie
Speak Truth to Power

Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy came on the 7th-9th of April for the first time in Romania to promote the Speak Truth to Power project, an initiative that promotes human rights.

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