The escalation, in recent times, of the discussions on the theme of European Security and Defense requires an analysis of the potential that this approach has for Romania, as well as its economic and geostrategic implications.

In terms of recommendations, participants underlined the fact that Romania could improve the role of its defense industry as a source of economic value by considering 5 focus areas:

  • Review and update the relevant legislative framework applicable to the defense industry to better capitalize on the Law on National Defense Industry and on the new Offset Law to be adopted;
  • Strengthen and optimize institutional cooperation between the main defense stakeholders;
  • Develop integrated strategies to better define and capitalize on the industrial cooperation to attract new business to Romania, also focusing on boosting investments in research and technology, developing smart defense capabilities and considering partnerships with key players (e.g.US, Poland, Turkey);
  • Capitalize on the existing defense clusters in Romania to develop the concept of a specialized “Defense Valley” to include aviation, information, technology and cyber matters and possibly an automotive component with the aim of attracting new business;
  • Capitalize on EU defense industry initiatives (PESCO-Permanent Structured Cooperation and EDF-European Defense Funding Plan) and European Defense Agency’s programs to continue strengthening Romania’s strategic profile as important player in Europe in line with NATO priorities.