Aspen Healthcare Summit, at the twelfth edition in 2023, is the major public event of Aspen Institute Romania’s Healthcare & Quality of Life Program, bringing together decision-makers, renowned specialists and researchers from the medical sector, European and national healthcare experts, representatives of non-governmental organizations and academia, representatives of health technology and pharmaceutical sector, as well as industry leaders engaged in developing health policies. Last years’ editions contributed to setting up a program community and an agenda of thematic priorities in convergence with national priorities and advanced technological solutions as well as the EU regulatory framework and WHO goals.

In line with the priorities of the Aspen Healthcare & Quality of Life Program, this year’s edition will continue to focus on prevention and innovation as the main priorities of healthcare systems. Both prevention and innovation bring huge benefits in terms of life expectancy and quality of life as well as a significant decrease in healthcare costs. The Summit will analyze the implementation of both prevention measures and innovation in the Romanian healthcare system, while looking at best practices from abroad. The following main topics will be addressed:

  • Predictability & resilience of the healthcare system: ensuring the predictable financing of the system in order to provide continuous and universal access to medical services to all categories of patients, while also ensuring access to new, life-saving, innovative medicines. Benefits of the newly launched Health Innovation Hub and ways to operationalize an Innovation Fund in healthcare.
  • Shifting the paradigm from a hospital-centric system towards pre-hospital medical services / outpatient care. Continuing to focus on promoting primary prevention (e.g. access to vaccination and vaccination pathways) & secondary prevention (including screening / early detection, implementing point-of-care testing).
  • Supporting the implementation of critical national strategies: towards fully functioning National Plans for Beating Cancer and for Combating Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases. Discussions will focus on prevention and education while addressing ways to improve access to diagnosis and innovative treatments. The role of the private sector in contributing to the success of these National Strategies will also be discussed.
  • E-health, Biotechnology, AI and the Digitalization of the Healthcare System: what are best practices from abroad and how can the Romanian healthcare system benefit from the widespread use of data and innovative digital solutions in the medical sector? How can the public and the private sector collaborate to the benefit of patients?

2023 Aspen Healthcare & Quality of Life Program Partners: Roche, Alliance Healthcare, Pfizer, Sanofi, Astra Zeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck Sharp & Dohme, AbbVie, Medtronic