In my capacity as Country Manager in my 5th year of assignment at Pfizer Romania, the most important American investor in the Romanian pharma sector for the past 25 years, with more than 1 Billion RON revenues in 2020. Pfizer Group is continuing to expand the romanian footprint through incremental investments designed to expend our European Supply Planning Hub located in Bucharest, strenghtened by Pfizer Biopharmaceutical Group which consists of more than 200 colleagues, while expanding the local Pfizer Medical and Marketing European hub for Rare Disease unit.

During my 2018 -2020 mandate as Amcham Board member, I have been privileged to lead the Healthcare Committee representing more than 70 companies enrolled in the healthcare sector: Producers and Distributors of innovative and generic drugs, Medical equipment manufacturers, Private health services providers, Private health insurance companies , E-health solutions providers , Law firms,  Professional services providers and NGOs active in healthcare field.

We strongly believe that Romanian citizens should have access to healthcare at EU standards and have timely access to innovation. Our actively engaged working groups in Amcham  have contributed significantly in improving patients’ lives by being a credible and trusted dialogue partner, esteemed by the entire healthcare community. While respecting the highest standards of ethics, we demonstrate professionalism and agility in conducting activities that would positively shape the healthcare environment by fostering digital transformation in healthcare, access in innovation, the value of a patient-centric healthcare system, trasnparency through ongoing consultation for a better legislative framework, sustainable financing and resourcing in healthcare.

We embrace the opportunity to work together in the Amcham Board and to take a strong stand in romanians’ aspirations towards EU healthcare standards, while boosting economic progress and prosperity. It is my personal belief that Romania could benefit of a better standard of living and healthcare.

We hope to continue to be partners of choice in the much needed dialogue with the authorities and business leaders, in order to identify and implement best practices to bridge the existing key gaps.

We will lead the way exercising within our own industry and beyond the values of ethics and transparency and the benefits of a predictible business environment.

We have confidence in the one voice commitment to implement the healthcare measures and promises from the electoral platform as listed in the government program. The focus in these first months in addressing the Romanian public health issues such as: immunization to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases,  the progress that is expected in the proposed epidemiological and economic modelling of immunization programs, the impact of epidemiological evidence on the vaccination programme meant to sustain the vaccination law, continuous education in the benefits of prevention, while evolving the way it partners with authorities and avoids a reactive position through a collaborative partnership, in which we focus on standards, facts and models (EU models).