On December 8, 2021, at 7 PM, Aspen Institute Romania will host and broadcast online the 11th edition of the ASPEN LEADERSHIP AWARDS.

The event will be organized exclusively online and will celebrate 15 years of activity of the Aspen Institute Romania, representing a special occasion for the Members of the Institute and for the beneficiaries of the Aspen programs to come together virtually and reflect on the impact that the Aspen community has on the development of the region.

The Aspen Leadership Awards are an opportunity to bring recognition to individuals who left their mark on the Romanian and global society, who were innovators and examples of ethical and professional conduct, in fields such as public service, research and innovation, sports or arts.

Through the Aspen Leadership Awards 2021, Aspen Institute Romania would also like to bring recognition to the activities and initiatives of the incredible community of Aspen Fellows and Alumni. The Aspen community will be the one to make nominations and vote the winner of the Aspen Social Action Prize, a 1000 EUR grant awarded for a project initiated by an Aspen Fellow or Alumnus. During the event it will also be announced the winner of the Aspen Fellows Network Grant, for a project initiated by the participants of the 2020-2021 generation of the Aspen Young Leaders Program.

The enthusiasm and energy of the Aspen Fellows and Alumni will bring inspiration and joy, as many of them will virtually join the event and share their thoughts on the Aspen experience.

The event will also feature one of the most treasured moments of the Aspen Leadership Awards, the Diploma Ceremony of the 2020-`21 generation of Aspen Young Leaders Program, when we will officially welcome the newest Aspen Fellows to the Aspen community.

The Aspen Leadership Awards constitute a source of financial support for the Aspen Leadership Trust, which was created at the beginning of the year 2020 as a structure aiming to support the Leadership Initiatives of the Aspen Institute Romania and to offer scholarships to join our Leadership Programs to high school students, university students, young professionals, public sector representatives and NGO representatives, in Romania and the region.

We thank all the Members of the Institute, the Aspen Fellows and Alumni and our Partners and Sponsors for their constant support, dedication, and willingness to contribute to the Good Society.

We thank the Award Sponsors of the Aspen Leadership Awards 2021: Raiffeisen Bank, UniCredit Bank, ExxonMobil, Ms. Cătălina Iuga and Mr. Vasile Iuga.

We invite you to join us as Sponsors of the Aspen Leadership Awards, which will render a series of benefits for your company in terms of promotion and visibility in connection to the event.

For more details on our Sponsor Benefits Packages, please contact us at ioana.antonescu@aspeninstitute.ro or mihai.cucu@aspeninstitute.ro.

You can also make a donation as an individual contributor to the Aspen Leadership Trust, which will also be acknowledged through increased visibility at the Aspen Leadership Awards.

For more details regarding the Aspen Leadership Trust, the current Leadership Trustees and Individual Contributors and various possibilities to contribute, please click here or contact us via e-mail.

The Aspen Leadership Awards 2021 will be broadcast online on the Aspen Institute Romania social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.