The conference was designed to contribute to advancing the European agenda on gender equality, having its overall objective in keeping gender equality steadily on radar and making it a significant milestone in our future actions. There cannot be any discussion on social well-being for citizens without including the economic empowerment of women, without promoting women in all areas of social and economic environment, whether we refer to education, the labour market, leadership, entrepreneurship or political positions at the highest level.

From a European perspective, the momentum is appropriate in the context of the ongoing debate on the future of the European Union, especially considering that the EU requires a forward-looking perspective with regard to gender equality, while the existing framework is due to expire in 2019.

Developing a forward-looking perspective for promoting equal opportunities for women and men, based on the EU’s Strategic Engagement for Gender Equality, will contribute to ensuring accountability and long-term coordination, as well as effective implementation of the measures and monitoring the results of the public policies on gender equality in the EU.

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