Alina Blei is the director of the short-term training department at the National Institute of Administration. She has 17 years of work experience in public administration, mainly in the field of training, project implementation and international relations, at the National Institute of Administration and National Agency for Civil Servants. This experience has shaped her leadership skills, creative thinking, initiative and communication. 

Mrs. Blei has a Bachelor’s degree in Law, graduated Le Cycle international spécialisé d’administration publique – Conduite de projet de formation et ingénierie de la formation (École Nationale d’Administration) and attended several internships in European training institutes.

She is constantly focused on developing herself to acquire new competencies and knowledge in order to implement competency-based training programs, either as part of projects or international partnerships with impact on public administration.

She is a fellow of the third edition of the Aspen Public Service Leadership Program, Autumn Cohort 2021-2022.