Before joining the Aspen Institute Romania’s team in 2014, Florina followed her interest in the area of social sciences, advertising, culture and communication trends. Whilst beginning her studies for her BA in Social Studies she also started her career practicing in the public relations field and accumulating extensive professional experience in the private sector. As part of the daily activities and responsibilities, she designed and implemented PR strategies and CSR campaigns, only to discover that her professional endeavors have always been supported by a strong desire to be part of and to drive initiatives that have a positive impact in society. During her attendance of a MA in Sociology of Consumption and Marketing, she shifted to the non-profit sector, convinced by the fact that the right mix of professionalism and commitment have the power to change societies and improve lives.

She is the kind of person who constantly feels the need to challenge traditional approaches, understand the paradoxes, debate (un)conventional ideas and improve rather than criticize.

In her free time, you will find her attending documentary and film festivals, exploring nature and the off beaten tracks of world-wide cities, discovering culture through food, art and a particular focus on current musical trends.