Simona Bot was born and raised in Romania. She graduated University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania, with M.D. degree in September 1993.

She emigrated in USA after graduating medical school, and she lived there for the last 28 years, with her husband and three daughters.
Simona held Research Scientist positions at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY, Department of Microbiology and at Alliance Pharmaceutical Company, San Diego, CA.

From 2003,  she worked as a Consultant Scientist at Multicell Therapeutics and other biotech companies.
Simona worked on the characterization of the immune response against influenza virus and evaluation of DNA vaccines against influenza virus, evaluation of novel synthetic RNA based immune modulating agents, testing novel aerosol microparticles for pulmonary delivery of biomolecules, treatment of autoimmune diseases in preclinical models, using novel immune interventions.
Simona has many peer reviews published articles, presented at international conferences and congresses and has one approved patent (Methods and formulations to achieve tumor targeted double stranded RNA mediated cell death).

In 2011, Simona started working as a mentor for Blue Heron Foundation, and she has since taken on an increasingly active role in advocating, recruiting, and fundraising for the foundation.

Starting January 2018, Simona serves on the Executive Team at Blue Heron Foundation as the Vice President, Community Outreach, West Coast, USA.