Module 1 of the second edition of the Aspen Public Service Leadership Program took place on November 14 – 17, 2019, in a beautiful location in Săcele, Brașov county.

Module 1 of the program is the Aspen Seminar, organized in partnership with The Aspen Institute (USA) and having as its theme ”Leadership, Public Service and the Common Good”. The moderator of the seminar was Miguel Herrero, Associate Professor of Classics at the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain.

The seminar follows the lines of the classic Aspen Executive Seminar, a Socratic debate based on a series of readings, from the greatest thinkers of past and present and the participants are challenged to clarify the values by which they take their decisions and which shape our society at large.

The Aspen Public Service Leadership Program was created with the purpose to motivate, educate, update and inspire promising representatives from various authorities, who can become promoters of change and improvement in the public sector.

Approximately 20 participants are granted fellowships to attend the program every year.

The following 2 modules of the second edition of the program will take place in the first half of the year 2020.