We are proud to present the 16th Generation of the Aspen Young Leaders Program!

Since its foundation 17 years ago, Aspen Institute Romania has remained committed to promoting and advancing values-based leadership, through our endeavour of investing in the next generation of leaders in our region.

After a very complex selection process, we proudly present the 2023 participants of our flagship leadership program.

The first module of the 2023 edition will be organized in physical format between April 24 and 29, in Sâmbăta de Sus, Brașov County (Romania).

List of participants:

Georgian-Florentin ALBU |Romania
| E.ON Romania
| Corporate Affairs Expert

Ioana Maria ALEXA |Romania
| TUD Group
| Senior Financial Advisor

Adrian BĂZĂVAN |Romania
| Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization
| Foreign Affairs Adviser

Andrada Elena BORDA |Romania
| Head of Marketing & Business Partner

Claudiu-Marius BUTACU |Romania
| EFdeN
| Cofounder

Otilia CIOBANU |Romania/ Belgium
| European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO)
| Policy Officer

Despina-Maria DONCA |Romania
| UiPath Foundation
| Digital Innovation Manager

Fadi DRĂGHICI |Romania
| Poke House
| Country Manager

Olivia-Georgiana DRĂGUȘIN |Romania
| National Communication Coordinator

Dany EL-KHALIL |Romania
| Next Gen Farming
| COO/ Co-owner

Marinela-Claudia GHERMAN |Romania/ Belgium
| Senior Policy Manager for Digital Resilience

Ana JOVANOVSKA |North Macedonia
| Senior Executive Support Assistant

Monica LUCA |Romania
| Innovative Biopharmaceutical Company
| Cluster Lead, Supply Chain & Market Quality Operations

Diana MURGULEȚ |Romania/ United Kingdom
| McKinsey & Company
| Senior Data Scientist

Cristian PELIVAN |Romania
| ARMO – The Romanian Association of Online Stores
| Executive Director

Daniela POPESCU |Romania
| The Cultural Association ”History within our Homes” 

| President

Artem SHAIPOV |Ukraine
| Aspen Institute Kyiv
| Member of the Society of Fellows Council

Romario SHEHU |Albania
| Institute for Democracy and Mediation
| Researcher, Project Coordinator

David TIMIȘ |Romania/ Belgium
| Generation
| Global Communications Manager

Adrian-Eugen TUDOR |Romania
| Aresel Civic Platform
| Human Rights Advocate

Lucia-Ana VICOVEANU |Romania
| Real Estate Consultant

Mihai-Adrian VINTILĂ |Romania
| CEZ Vânzare

| Marketing Manager

Constantin VLAS |Republic of Moldova
| HIAS Moldova
| Economic Inclusion Specialist

Adrian VODISLAV |Romania/ Luxembourg
| European Investment Fund
| Structured Finance Officer

Ciprian ZAMFIRESCU |Romania
| Vodafone
| Digital Transformation and Innovation Manager