On October 11-13, 2019 Aspen Institute Romania organized a Custom Socrates Leadership Seminar, partially underwritten by the Simona and Adrian Bot family, organized in collaboration with Aspen Institute US’s Socrates Program, under the auspicies of Aspen Institute Romania’s Healthcare & Quality of Life Program.

Having as its main theme Technology, Breakthrough Medical Research and the Future of Healthcare, the seminar explored the ways in which public health policies expand and evolve in transforming democratic societies. Among the approached topics we mention:

  • What Is Precision Medicine, The Potential Of Technology To Advance Medicine, And How Does It Compare To Other Promising Innovations?
  • Building A Precision Medicine Ecosystem
  • The Ethics Of Precision Medicine And Gene Editing And The Future Of Public Health

The seminar was co-moderated by Adrian Bot, M.D., Ph.D, Vice President, Translational Medicine; Dr. Kapil Parakh, Medical Lead, Google Fit; Simona Bot, Vice President, Community Outreach, Blue Heron Foundation and Prof. Alexandru Rafila, Aspen Institute Romania Healthcare & Quality of Life Program Director.

Dedicated to the Aspen Institute Romania Healthcare & Quality of Life Program Community, the seminar used the Aspen method of creating a group as diverse as possible in terms of professional sectors (private, public, non-profit), gender, political affiliation, gathering participants connected to or working in the Romanian healthcare system.

The seminar was preceded by a launching public event in Bucharest on October 10, featuring a moderated discussion on Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare, followed by a cocktail. The debate covered topics associated with the themes of the seminar and was a first occasion for participants to meet and discuss timely subjects in a larger setting than that of the seminar. (photo gallery)