Albert Farrugia has worked in the field of biotherapeutics for forty years and has held senior positions in blood centres, plasma fractionation manufacturers and government regulatory and policy agencies. He serves currently as the Senior Scientific and Regulatory Advisor to Kedrion S.p.A. He has served on international bodies including the WHO, the Council of Europe, the World Federation of Hemophilia and the US and European Pharmacopeia Commissions. He is an adjunct Professor in the School of Surgery in the University of Western Australia and has published over 170 contributions to the international literature. He is a recipient of the Australia and New Zealand Society for Blood Transfusion’s Ruth Sanger Medal. Albert Farrugia is a member of the global bleeding disorders community and advocates for access to treatments for people with rare chronic diseases. He is a postal and military historian, a passionate follower of music and politics and an amateur artist.