Alex is a founder and researcher, creating innovative wearable devices. He has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at Chalmers Technical University, Sweden.

After the PhD he focused on projects targeted on healthcare and underprivileged social groups. During his research as a postdoc at Augmented Human Lab in Singapore and MIT Media Lab in USA, he worked on FingerReader, a wearable device in a form of a ring with a camera that is able to assist people with low vision to read text and understand a scene by pointing to objects of interest. The project has gained international media attention.

Currently he is working in preventive healthcare as a founder and CTO developing an electronic insole for monitoring and guiding knee rehabilitation, developed together with a team of surgeons from Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Europe’s largest university clinic.

He has always been close and part of the Romanian diaspora communities wherever he has lived in the last 10 years, from Germany, UK, Sweden, Singapore to USA. He also created a Facebook application with 800 000 monthly Romanian users in 2012 and he is interested in contributing to projects for social good in Romania.