Cătălin Ioan Toncea has over 21 years of professional experience within the Romanian financial banking system, supported by a multidisciplinary academic profile that combines, at the same time, the rigor of the exact sciences with the humanistic ones, touching border areas that prove to be complementary through specializations and post-university trainings, both as an expertise but also from a cultural perspective, reinforcing each other.

It is worth mentioning the competencies that come from the graduation of programs such as International Economic Intelligence, Diplomacy and International Relations or the quality of Business Information Expert, to list just a few of the trainings completed.

Having the belief that creative assumption of technology is a vector of change that determines the evolution of society, his transition from the year 2020 to the entrepreneurial area and joining the Cluster of Innovation and New Technologies “Inventikus”, represented the natural step toward for the coagulation in a higher plan of his accumulations and professional contributions, which all converge towards the outline of the necessary actions, at group and society level, in order to integrate innovation, as an act of creation and exploratory approach, in an ecosystem of resources that allow the materialization and monetization of the idea at a practical level, with concrete benefits and sustainable transversal advantages at all levels of society.