Mr. Florin Bugnar, PhD, graduated from a technical field of studies, with a degree in Automotive and another one in Engineering and Management of the Production Systems. He obtained his PhD degree in Industrial Engineering, and chose to broaden his educational experience by attending law and business courses. Mr. Bugnar has developed an extensive professional career, performing activities in a variety of fields, such as research, industry, consultancy, hospitality, events, transports, auto. One of his most renowned project is the multidisciplinary networking events platform, which gathers managers, entrepreneurs and professionals from the business field, academia, public administration, diplomacy, trade and employers ’associations or artistic fields. The platform is called XPN ( ) and hosts X Party and Networking the largest series of networking events in Romania. It reports frequently large-scale high-performing associations and partnerships. Mr. Bugnar set up and joined the board as Vicepresident of C.S. Univers Cluj-Napoca and as Vicepresident of Virtus Romana Rediviva cultural association.