Ioan-Alexandru Doni is a graduate of “Ștefan cel Mare” Pedagogical High School. In 2018, he began his studies at “Carol I” National Defense University, within the Faculty of Security and National Defense, simultaneously starting his activity at ING Bank Romania. In 2021, he completed the undergraduate program, also advancing within ING Bank Romania, becoming an Investigation Specialist.

He started his master’s studies in the same year at “Carol I” National Defense University in Bucharest, within the Faculty of Security and National Defense, but also within the Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences in Bucharest, in the program “Public Integrity and Anti-corruption Policies”, being a scholarship holder of this master’s program.

Since September 1, 2022, he has been promoted to the position of Compliance Officer at ING Hubs Romania. He is the President of the Projects Department within ASSA UNAP since November 1, 2018, a trainee at the European Expertise Center Europuls, a member of the Volunteers and Projects organization since October 1, 2020, organizer of the GRSS 2021 summer diplomatic school, currently being an Alumnus and Mentor of the VIP organization. He is fluent in English and French, as well as proficient in written Arabic.