Nicolae Dănilă is one of the most experienced and highly-regarded bankers in Romania, with a 42-year career in this sector. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of First Bank Romania.
Dănilă held Top Management positions with banking institutions such as JP Morgan Chase (Romania), Chase Manhattan Bank (Romania) and Banca Comerciala Romana and was Advisor to the Governor of the National Bank of Romania . Mr Danila also held a Membership within Bord of Directors of the National Bank of Romania.
He is member of the Romanian Association of Economists, Member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists, Member of the Club of Rome – Romanian section, Member of the SOREC Romania Society.
His professional career is doubled by his academic activity: Danila is a Professor with the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.
Dănilă published no less than 10 specialized books, tens of articles, attended numerous national and international conferences and received many awards and professional recognition from relevant domestic and international institutions and publications. Dănilă is Doctor Honoris Causa with the “Ovidius” University of Constanta and Doctor in Economy with the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest .