Ștefania is part of the Leadership Programs team of the Aspen Institute Romania since the autumn of 2022, providing support in planning and delivering various on-site and online activities and seminars.

She holds a BA in Political Studies and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Project Management to equip herself with the skills necessary for managing sustainable projects. Eager to fuse her passion for interior design with a focus on eco-friendly architecture, Ștefania has recently set her sights on the realm of sustainable project management. This visionary direction encapsulates her profound motivation and steers her professional ambitions.

Ștefania has become trainer in 2021, delivering numerous trainings on various topics for students’ organizations since then. With a background in political science and a rich experience of volunteering, she believes in addressing real-world problems with practical solutions. Every project she takes on is an opportunity for her to make a positive impact.

Outside work and volunteering, Ștefania expresses herself artistically through painting and has recently taken an interest in singing and even acting. She enjoys exploring new places and experiences with friends and family and she is always eager to learn something challenging. Because of her dedication to both her profession and her hobbies, she is always looking for innovative ways to keep her balance.