• Romania has a significant energy potential and the advantage of being an energy-independent country, with positive prospects for further consolidating this profile if developments in the Black Sea reach the expected successful outcome.
• One of the biggest challenges in the sector refers to the shortage of skilled work force, very much needed to cover gaps and to raise to the current expectations related to technological developments.
• Strategic partnerships between the public and private entities are of utmost need to enhance expertise in the sector, also by setting up a training center for the graduates of the specialized universities to prepare them for the current needs in the energy sector, particularly to develop expertise in innovative technologies.
• Authorities in Prahova County will actively contribute to fostering international partnerships with positive impact for developing the needed labor skills.
• Romania will continue to strengthen the strategic partnership with the United States on all key dimensions, energy security being one with significant relevance. Our country is an important player in Washington’s relations with Europe to foster positive and productive transatlantic cooperation that could lead to achieving strategic energy security goals.
• The business model needs to reshape according to the new paradigm and to focus more on social and environmental challenges, including the current requirements related to innovation as paramount development in various areas, with important implications for the energy sector as well.