Bucharest Forum is an annual high-level event organized by the Aspen Institute Romania and the Bucharest office of the German Marshall Fund of the US. Since its inception in 2012, the mission of the Bucharest Forum is to create a regional platform for forward thinking on economic and security policies and for promoting political dialogue between governments and the civil society.

Bucharest Forum offers a unique opportunity for high level East-West conversation in a global transformative context. Specifically it facilitates an in-depth understanding of how the developments on the Eurasian nexus shape decisions for Europe and the Transatlantic link.

The seventh edition of the Bucharest Forum takes place between 9 – 10 October, 2018, at critical times for the region and Europe.

The current international context is in flux, as on both shores of the Atlantic national politics is driven by new agendas and discourses, imprinting a consequent dynamics to international relations, and affecting economic trends at national, regional and international levels. Brought to the fore by grievances of a plurality of citizens who feel left out of mainstream politics and economy, the new political trend and its economic philosophy are generating antagonistic approaches and actions of various actors, leading to numerous clashes of interest, intention and outcomes. Indeed, the main feature of the current context is the numerous clashes being either in incubation phase or out in the open.

By bringing together leading politicians, thinkers, journalists, and business representatives, Bucharest Forum offers a platform for the various actors to meet and discuss their interests, approaches and goals, analyze potential and existing clashes, their implications and results, and look for ways to maximize the potential benefits of diverging views and mitigate the consequent negative impact.
Bucharest Forum enjoys the key support of the Romanian Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and the Ministry of National Defence of Romania.